Elder Resignations & Reappointments

The following is largely adapted from a comment posted by as “concerned” to the December 15 post at http://riseandfallofmarshill.blogspot.com

The Beginning of the Story

Two years ago the elders produced a set of bylaws. Mark and Jamie had been pushing for much different bylaws, ones that more closely resemble the ones recently adopted. After the bylaws were passed, Jamie told one elder, “this isn’t over” and that that “the bylaws were going to change.” But how could he be so certain?

Resignations and Reappointments

In the spring of 2007 Mark asked all of the the executive elders (except for Jamie) to resign from their positions. These men, chosen and entrusted by the elders to represent them, all complied with Mark’s request. That left only Mark and Jamie as the lone executive elders of Mars Hill until others were appointed in their place. This resignation and reappointment, was never communicated to the members of Mars Hill Church either by email, US Mail, or the Member’s website.  communicated to the members through a letter sent as an email attachment on June 23, 2007. The resignation or the reappointments were not planned and discussed by the elders at large despite the by-laws that existed at the time.

Say What?

Shortly after the above resignation/reappointment of elders, the latest bylaws were presented to the elders. One afternoon around that time, Paul and Bent were having lunch outside the Ballard campus when one self-nominated and newly appointed executive elder (whose name has been communicated to Prayingheart) approached them and strongly encouraged them to vote for approval. Paul told this one elder that he would need to look over the bylaws before making a decision on how he would vote, and Bent echoed Paul’s position. The elder further pressed Paul and Bent to go along with the bylaws regardless of their language. The elder added that doing so would help bring the younger, less experienced elders along with them as they looked up to Paul and Bent and would follow their leadership. Finally he added, “if you will get behind the rest of us on this there could be an opening for you on the executive elder team.” He further told them that if they were not in favor of the proposed by-laws they ought to resign.

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5 Responses to Elder Resignations & Reappointments

  1. Dustin says:

    “This mass resignation, (and mass reappointment), was never communicated to the members of Mars Hill Church either by email, US Mail, or the Member’s website. ”

    This process was communicatedin in a pdf emailed to all members on 6/23/07. If you use gmail you can find it here: https://mail.google.com/mail/?shva=1#search/%22to+all+members+from+your+MHC+elders%22

  2. Adam says:

    I remembered getting an email sometime in early summer that explained the Executive elders changing. After looking through my email, I found it on June 23rd.

  3. prayingheart says:

    Thank you Dustin and Adam. You were/are correct and the post has been adjusted accordingly. Thank you for your assistance in keeping this blog accurate. -Prayingheart

  4. jin says:

    You (and the email you got) are missing huge facts on the lief issue. Huge facts like Mark repenting to lief for secretly meeting behind liefs back to gain support for forcing lief off the executive team due to a lack of “kingly gifts” (a phrase unbeknownst to the Scriptures.) Liefs so-called “uncomfortableness” was due to this “process” as much as it was due to the position change. Mark repented for treating his brother in such a fashion, but the email presents it Mark as the oh-so-amazing example of Jesus: “Loving our brother and unwilling to let this matter go without every possible effort for reconciliation Pastor Mark, and Pastor Bill Clem spent hours laboring over Lief’s concerns and frustrations.”

    This won’t happen in the future though, as Mark doesn’t have to “gain support” for such things anymore. He’s got the Easy Button now baby.

  5. prayingheart says:

    Jin, if you (or others) would like to submit posts containing verifiable facts surrounding issues relevant to the topics covered by this blog, please send them to confidential mailbox: knowyouareloved@yahoo.com .

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