Did Mark Driscoll Lie to Mars Hill Members #1

In the fall of 2007 the Mars Hill Elders sent out their infamous gazillion-page document that partly responded to many question raised by Mars Hill Members (Prayingheart is trusting that the gazillion pages was an attempt at disclosure and not the classic strategy of dumping so much information at once that few will bother to read it.) On page 24 of the document, when Mark Driscoll responded to questions as to whether this portion of his September 30, 2007 sermon referenced Pastors’ Paul Petry and Bent Meyer:





“And [Nehemiah] beat some of them! Now, he’s an older guy, and he’s beating up certain members of his church. What do we do with that? I’ll tell you what I’d like to do with that. I’d like to follow in his example. There’s a few guys right now, that if I wasn’t going to end up on CNN, I would go old testament on them, even in leadership in this church.”

He responded that he didn’t member thinking of Paul and Bent at the time. He stated that he had been mostly discouraged and depressed by their (in his opinion) sinful actions and attitudes, but that he had not been angry at them in the manner that Nehemiah had been angry. TRUTH: Immediately after preaching this sermon, Mark Driscoll went out and fired Paul and Bent.

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Mark then followed up with “My anger, however, has been with a few church members who were acting very disrespectfully, sinfully, and proudly toward some of the elders who were dealing with Paul and Bent and thereby making it very complicated and difficult to seek reconciliation with Paul and Bent.” TRUTH: Prior to the firing of these men, there had been no reconciliation to seek with them. They had been completely stunned by their own terminations.

The relevant portion of this sermon is found on youtube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=YE3FHMTAWHY

Prayingheart submits the above facts for your prayerful evaluation. Is Mark Driscoll being honest with the members of Mars Hill Church? Is this the behavior of a man who is scripturally qualified for the office of Pastor or Elder? And, if not, where are the other elders who are tasked with protecting the members and calling each other into account???


One Response to Did Mark Driscoll Lie to Mars Hill Members #1

  1. Stan says:

    Mark (and elders) – it’s not the sin – it’s the cover-up that condemns you…

    Mark’s answer is at best evasive, but taken at face value seems a gross lie. His response asserts he was angry at “a few church members” at presumably a later time – but this avoids the question – who was he angry at as referenced in the sermon? He is referring to “Nehemiah beating up certain members” and that he would like to – but the controversy, the firing, the supposed attempt at reconciliation that the “certain members” were making difficult hadn’t even happened or begun yet!

    So, if Mark didn’t lie – then why didn’t he answer the question – who was he angry at just hours before firing Paul & Bent, if not them? Why would an honest, straightforward christian man be evasive and proffer a dishonest response?

    I say the response is dishonest because it purports to answer the question but it doesn’t. By the most favorable (to Mark) reading he supports his contention that Paul & Bent were not the subject of his anger by saying he was angry at “others” – at a future point in time, huh?

    Maybe this kind of response fools the elders at MH – but a plain reading leads reasonable people to a different conclusion.

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