The Elders Reponse Document

Late last fall, the elders of Mars Hill Church opened a thread there members could “Ask Anything” of the leadership. They then put out a response document that was 99 pages of what could be considered content, and about 46 pages of attachments. The elders hoped that this document would placate the members into thinking their questions had been answered, and that the Mars Hill could “move on” from the events that had just transpired. As Mars Hill Members will recall, the day after the document was released, a thread was started on the members forum regarding the document. Much of what was said was positive, causing PH to wonder if they read the same document that PH did. PH also remembers that their were folks who were concerned that the document was inaccurate and disingenuous. They then requested something to the effect of “members please read the document carefully”. Later, when PH tried to look up their profiles so as to contact them, their profiles had been removed from the site. When PH asked about that, PH was told that they had been removed from the website by MH elders for posting dissenting material. Hmmm. This story fit neatly into a collection of accounts regarding elder and specifically Mark Driscoll’s behavior that had been shared over the years with PH, both from members, and proudly from the pulpit by Mark Driscoll himself (with a self-righteous spin, of course).

In any case, the elders have made it abundantly clear that there will be no open discussion among of the issues raised by the document that they constructed, and members are very much discouraged from discussing it among themselves, and certainly the issue cannot be discussed in the community groups! PH believes this is a wrong, sinful, and cowardly approach, and so will begin a series on this blog to discuss the document. Make no mistake, PH will NOT publish the document here in its entirety – it is available to Mars Hill Members from Mars Hill if they want their own copy. The only publication that will occur will be short quotes with attribution – enough to identify the issue, and to send the members back to the document if they have questions or concerns.

May truth, justice, and wisdom prevail.


Mark Driscoll…”Jockeying for and Abusing Power?”


One Response to The Elders Reponse Document

  1. spinwatcher says:

    Yeah…145 pages. The elders seemed rather proud of the length, but then, they ARE guys. Wonder how many members actually read it? As PH mentioned in a previous post, it is not unheard of to dump SO much material on an inquiring party that they are unlikely to go through it very carefully…if they go through it at all.

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