Pastor Mark Driscoll, We Love You.

Pastor Mark Driscoll, we love you. Please never doubt that. By the grace of our Lord, you have the power to right the injustice that has been done. You have the power to turn this into an example of God’s loving kindness, an example of how even the very renowned and much beloved “Reformission Rev.” can acknowledge error and set it right.

Please consider how the devastation of the Petry family can be turned into an example of God’s grace and lovingkindness.

For the Glory of Our Lord.



5 Responses to Pastor Mark Driscoll, We Love You.

  1. A Closer Walk says:

    My experience has been that those that are calling for repentance are people who love Mars Hill Church and have embraced and supported the church for years. They are grieved that this violence to the two pastors and their families has so far gone without the elders calling an end to it. They do love Mark Driscoll and are praying for his repentance. Clearly this matter is all about his anger and trying to cover his rash anger on September 30th.

    May God bring him to repentance. Clearly his elders cannot.

  2. Stan says:

    “Clearly his elders cannot.” – Therein lies the crux of the problem… elders that are not. Mark has used the elders to knife the two pastors without his fingerprints. Does anyone believe the firings, trials and shunning would have happened if Mark hadn’t wanted it? And yet Mark, the toughest guy on the block, wouldn’t even step up to do it himself – he used the cover of the elders – how weak and dishonest is that?

    The elders should be a protection to the members and to Mark – but they only do his bidding and enable him. They all should be embarassed, strangely they are not instead they are filled with pride… hmmm – Matt 7:21-23

  3. A Closer Walk says:

    Stan, you can hardy blame the remaining elders for doing nothing. After all, if questioning the new by-laws got the two pastors fired and humiliated, then calling Mark Driscoll to repentance means a huge risk for each elder. They risk being fired and humiliated themselves.

    Under the new by-laws they cannot do anything anyway. These elders gave up their power and duty to Mark Driscoll and his 4 hand-picked executives. They have no power anymore and are merely employees that may arbitrarily be given authority from time to time by Driscoll and the 4. But they cannot overturn any decision, including this one, as they voted themselves out of being Biblical elders. They can only stand and watch abuse happen, shake their heads in private as they repeat the party line in public.

    Thereby keeping their jobs…. at least for now.

  4. spinwatcher says:

    Yes, it does seem that the non “holy 5” are at best, Deacons. Of course, based on recent events, even before the changing of the bylaws they functionally were no more than that. I heard that the new bylaws were only a catch-up maneuver, putting into writing what already was in place. Since a number of elders didn’t even read the document before voting on it, later making statements such as “I was busy and so I chose to trust Mark on this” it seems that they gave up on holding Mark accountable or keeping the flock safe from internal dangers a while ago.

  5. Anonymous says:

    If elders in the church see a sin, even in mark, and don’t say anything they are just as guilty as the sinner. If the person’s heart belongs to Jesus and Jesus alone, and finds sin in another believer, even Mark, should confront that sinner regardless of the outcome. If they loose their job because they followed Christ, well that is respectable. if they keep their mouths shut just so they can keep their jobs and friends that is shameful and just as wrong as the sinner themselves.

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