Petry Shunning Letter Removed?!?!

PH is relieved and overjoyed to report that PH can not find the letter instructing MH members to shun Paul Petry on the members site!

There are any number of reasons that this could have occurred, most of which do not have anything to do with justice or reconciliation. Even so, PH is believing and hoping that the process of justice and reconciliation has started. May Mars Hill Leadership be moved to publicly correct the untruths that they have published and spoken about Paul Petry, and to provide him restitution for the damage that their actions have caused.

And, above all, may our God be glorified in ALL circumstances!



7 Responses to Petry Shunning Letter Removed?!?!

  1. Skeptical Member says:

    Let us pray that this is the first step toward correcting what haw happened. There now needs to be a new update clearly answering our questions. Questioners should be able to safely and publicly ask difficult questions and the questions answered in the same way.

    If this is the beginning of an acknowledgment of wrong, the elders will need to acknowledge the sinful manner in which they have handled the entire aftermath of their actions, including the alienation of many members who have left or been hurt and silenced for their concerns.

    This also raises the question of the coercive effect that the firings had on the vote on the new by-laws. The executive team, which clearly had an interest in seeing the by-laws passed, allowed no discussion (only allowed emailed comments sent only to Jamie alone) and had the elders vote openly on their immediate passage. After watching the two pastors get rashly fired for merely voicing concerns, it raises the question of whether there was unfair pressure on the elders, most of whom are young and highly paid by Mars Hill. not to cast a dissenting vote. Clearly dissent was (and still is) very risky.

    Perhaps the result of the executive elders removing the shunning post will eventually be a fair an open discussion at the very least at elder level of the heavy-handed manner in which the new by-laws were forced upon a church that had up till now been taught that all elders are equal in authority and that they could collectively hold the more prominent pastor to account.

    it could be argued that the new ecclesiatic model adopted in the new by-laws is a doctrinal change that under both by-laws requires a vote by the elders at large (about the only authority they have left).

  2. A Closer Walk says:

    You are too optimistic, Skeptical. We will far more likely see a continued spin concerning the post being taken down if we hear anything at all. We have not received an honest answer yet from the elders. Why should we expect one now?

    I bet they took it down because of pressure from somewhere. But we will hear more pious justification with the wringing of hands suggesting how they long for reconciliation on one hand yet continue to belittle and destroy on the other.

    After all. Movements are messy.

  3. grieved says:

    When I read PH’s post about the disappearance of the shunning letter concerning Paul, I didn’t see it as the beginning of justice/repentance/reconciliation. I saw it as a way for the executive elders to hide what they are being accused of. I hope thats not the case, but it would be going along with the way the head elders have done things since this last fall. They make changes, but are deceptive in the way they do it.. Their lack of disclosure (and silence in the midst of loyal member frustration and turmoil) speaks volumes of the kind of character and care they are supposed to be show.

    My position with Mars Hill Church has evolved from being initially angry and wanted some form of justice to now being thankful I am gone from that church. I was not “forced to leave” nor left in anger. My biggest reason for wanting to come to MH in the first place was that I wanted a church that I could invite people who are not Christians; ones that I have shared Jesus too. I wanted to bring them to a church where they could see and experience for themselves what being a follower of Jesus really is. I don’t think people are so much looking to hear the right things, but to see the right things. They want to see real people who are trying to live out what they are preaching. For me, its not enough for leaders to say the right things about God if their actions don’t reflect what they say a Christian should be. The Bible says that “they shall know you are my disciples by your love for one another”. What has happened to Paul and Bent and many members is not loving in any way. I don’t want to be part of this kind of church and I for sure don’t want to bring people here to be subjected to that either. On the outside of things, it all looks right. But on the inside there is something very wrong. Most people in the church and on the outside do not understand because they only hear Mark. They don’t see the interaction of elders and members. As long as one just downloads Mark’s messages or comes to Mars Hill and keeps fellowship with their friends everything is just great and I’m sure they all wonder, “why are so many people up in arms here!” You want some form of justice, but I don’t see that its going to happen in the way you expect. I don’t see the elders repenting and bringing this out in the open at all. If they did, they would have to admit they lied to their church. They would have to admit that they reacted either out of anger or fear. I asked one of the fired pastors where this church would be today if the elders were not paid elders and without hesitancy he said it would be a completely different church. When I asked if their salaries have been an influence on the bylaw vote and Pauls’ dismissal he said absolutely. My question to him was because I wanted to know if the elders were voting for matters out of conscience and scriptural integrity or from fear of losing their paid position if they didn’t vote the way they were expected to. When I asked if he believed the bylaws would still have been voted in if the elders were not paid, he said no. I was really disappointed to hear that. It only confirmed that I have done the right thing in leaving. This church’s foundation is not built on the rock of Jesus. Mars Hill is not built on truth and righteousness and biblical integrity. Its built on sand. Its stands at present, but down the road there will eventually be a shaking. I’m afraid for the thousands of people who will be in ruin if and when it happens. For me, I’m glad I was at Mars Hill for the years I was there. I am taking good things with me, but I’m glad to have found out what I have. I do hope that others can move on and not be hanging around in the hope that Mark and the elders will see their own wrongs and repent. It may never happen. My question and concern for those who are waiting for something to happen is, “Are you being fed while here.” Are you letting your anger feed you instead?” Perhaps you feel you should be here and pursue justice, but do find a place where you have the kind of teaching and fellowship that feeds your spirit and gives you what you need to grow in your relationship with Jesus.

  4. Whatever we do, we must hope. says:

    We must hope and pray for full, undeniable, explicit repentance. We must! It is our duty as Christians. Along with repenting continually ourselves, we must genuinely and fervently desire for those around us to repent and be bathed in grace. That is something that we cannot – we must not – abandon.

    That does not mean that we must continue to live under the eldership of these men. It does not mean that those who have left MH must return there if the leadership fully repents. It does mean that we do must not move on with our lives until repentance happens. But it does mean that we must not give up the hope, and the confidence, that the Holy Spirit will win in the hearts and lives of those whom He has chosen to redeem. We must hope that He has chosen to redeem these men, and we must hope that they will chose to stop grieving Him.

    The removal of the shunning letter may be a sign of repentance, but it also may just have happened because of routine website maintenance. We must hope that undeniable signs of repentance follow soon. Praise God for the Light that can never be put out!

  5. Stan says:

    Any members out there? – The answer may be as simple as asking on the members’ site or an elder two things: 1) whether fellowship with the Petry’s is now allowed and if so then 2) what was the proximate cause: original errror in the shunning or repentence (by Petry) & forgiveness or???

    It should be pretty straightforward. It could be viewed as a test of the elders – how do they answer, will they answer?

  6. Jennifer says:

    Mars Hill is a difficult church to leave.

    When I was a member there, I heard many times, and in many ways, that MH is the ONLY church in Seattle that is following Jesus, or preaching the Bible correctly, or ____ . At that time, Mark would often make a comment about churches he disagreed with saying, “They’re smaller than us because God wont allow people to go there.”

    After a while, that message sinks in. And it makes it hard to leave.

    BUT, the very good news is that there are MANY churches in Seattle that love Jesus and love the Bible, and where authentic relationships are pursued.

    I know there is a sadness for many members who leave the church – there was for us. But, once you get out there and see that MH is not the ONLY church is Seattle, even though Mark implies that it is, its not so bad…and really, it can be very good 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    i’m still a member (for now) though not practicing as one or attending mh but still have access to the site. i don’t quite remember where the letter was posted. what section? I’d be happy to ask if we are “allowed” to speak to the petrys (though mh hasn’t stopped me from doing so).

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