An Outside Perspective on Authoritarian Leadership at Mars Hill Church

A interesting commentary that addresses the style of leadership  by Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church elders can be found here:

St. Mark’s Cathedral and Mars Hill Church

A snippet…

“Mark just seems like a punk. He’s grown some big churches–gotten some people to heaven if you think that’s how it works–but also has generally promoted arrogance and misogyny as spiritual virtues. He’s got a great sense of humor, and I could see having him as a buddy… but don’t really trust him in church leadership because he’s got such an authoritarian bent. ”

More here…


4 Responses to An Outside Perspective on Authoritarian Leadership at Mars Hill Church

  1. Source Check says:

    Valid observations, but they come from a dark alley.

    I’m not sure that St. Mark’s opinion should count for much in the Christian community. This church blesses same-sex sexual relationships, both in its leadership and within its congregation. They officiate commitment ceremonies for couples of any gender combination.

    I’m not sure that a church leadership who rejects the Bible’s teachings on sexuality can properly assess who is or is not mysogynistic. Their view of sexuality is upside down and warped; should we go to them for wise perspective on anything related to sexuality?

    Regarding their observation of arrogance: It is highly arrogant for a church leadership to read and know God’s explicit instructions on a matter (in this case, homosexuality), and then to elevate their own opinion as higher and more noble than God’s.

    I hope and pray for repentance at St. Mark’s. They are currently a spiritual battleground in defeat.

  2. Source Check says:

    Correction: While I stand by my comments, I acknowledge that the quote above was not written by St. Mark’s leadership, but by a member of the St. Mark’s congregation.

  3. prayingheart says:

    Dear Source: Agreed that St. Marks is not a great source for theology. Fortunately, as my lawyer friend said: the comments go to to the weight of the wrongdoing that is being asserted, and are not being relied upon to prove the truth of the allegations themselves.

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