Pastor Mark Driscoll, We Love You.

Pastor Mark Driscoll, we love you. Please never doubt that. By the grace of our Lord, you have the power to right the injustice that has been done. You have the power to turn this into an example of God’s loving kindness, an example of how even the very renowned and much beloved “Reformission Rev” can acknowledge error and set it right.

Please consider how the injustice conducted on your watch can be turned into an example of God’s grace and lovingkindness.

For the Glory of Our Lord.



One Response to Pastor Mark Driscoll, We Love You.

  1. FactChecker says:

    I have finally found something written that tells what elder protocol is. It was written by Mark Driscoll himself in 2006 on the Resurgence site.

    It states that “The lead elder is primarily responsible for building his team by practicing the following kinds of protocol”

    Among the protocol (no mention of prohibition against talking to church attorneys or getting advice on proposed by-laws from seasoned members) is mentioned the following that Mark Driscoll clearly violated himself in the firings and coersive manner in which he forced the new by-laws on the elders and church at large:

    • Bringing drafts, not final proposals, to be considered and altered (no discussion was made and the intial “draft” was virtually the same as the final draft)
    • Keeping no secrets from the board (blind trust is demanded of the “junior” elders)
    • Submitting to the board’s authority (the board of elders have no authority)
    • Not acting like a domineering dictator (no comment needed)

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