Did Mark Driscoll Lie to Mars Hill Members?

Originally posted on Jan 22, 2008 and back by popular request…

In the fall of 2007 the Mars Hill Elders sent out their infamous gazillion-page document that partly responded to many question raised by Mars Hill Members (Prayingheart is trusting that the gazillion pages was an attempt at disclosure and not the classic strategy of dumping so much information at once that few will bother to read it.) On page 24 of the document, when Mark Driscoll responded to questions as to whether this portion of his September 30, 2007 sermon referenced Pastors’ Paul Petry and Bent Meyer:





“And [Nehemiah] beat some of them! Now, he’s an older guy, and he’s beating up certain members of his church. What do we do with that? I’ll tell you what I’d like to do with that. I’d like to follow in his example. There’s a few guys right now, that if I wasn’t going to end up on CNN, I would go old testament on them, even in leadership in this church.”

He responded that he didn’t member thinking of Paul and Bent at the time. He stated that he had been mostly discouraged and depressed by their (in his opinion) sinful actions and attitudes, but that he had not been angry at them in the manner that Nehemiah had been angry. TRUTH: Immediately after preaching this sermon, Mark Driscoll went out and fired Paul and Bent.

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Mark then followed up with “My anger, however, has been with a few church members who were acting very disrespectfully, sinfully, and proudly toward some of the elders who were dealing with Paul and Bent and thereby making it very complicated and difficult to seek reconciliation with Paul and Bent.” TRUTH: Prior to the firing of these men, there had been no reconciliation to seek with them. They had been completely stunned by their own terminations.

The relevant portion of this sermon is found on youtube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=YE3FHMTAWHY

Prayingheart submits the above facts for your prayerful evaluation. Is Mark Driscoll being honest with the members of Mars Hill Church? Is this the behavior of a man who is scripturally qualified for the office of Pastor or Elder? And, if not, where are the other elders who are tasked with protecting the members and calling each other into account???


3 Responses to Did Mark Driscoll Lie to Mars Hill Members?

  1. Confused... says:

    How do you know these “TRUTHs” to be Truth? I have been so bogged down with everything that I am still having a hard time understanding why everything is directed specifically at Mark…Why are none of these discussions directed at the entire eldership? Wouldn’t it be fair to say that they all had a part in the firings…Mark didn’t make the sole decision on his own…there were what 20 some odd other elders there hearing and voting on the action to be taken…

    I would just like some more clarification on some your information…


  2. Stan says:

    Confused –

    As I understand the chronology Paul & Bent were summoned to a meeting Sunday night with just Mark and Jamie and fired. It was a complete surprise to Paul and Bent so there had apparently been little or no discussion about job performance prior to that meeting.

    The next day, Monday, the letter announcing the firing and suspension as elders pending an investigation and trial was put up on the Members Forum.

    So, they were fired by Mark and Jamie and the “20 some odd other elders” didn’t hear the results of the “investigation” until the hearing for Paul a week later so they didn’t vote on the firing only on the matters of “spiritual qualification as elder”.

    Bent wasn’t tried until two weeks later and some of the charges were found to be not credible and dropped and Bent was not dismissed as Elder. The false accusations and the false accusers have never been followed up on as far as I have heard. Many members have asked about that and gotten no answer.

    The false accuseres are current Elders and by falsely accusing another Elder it seems to me they have displayed an “unhealthy distrust of church leadership”. That was the most public charge against Paul. Apparently spiritual offenses don’t apply equally to all Elders.

    If you read the comments here and the “Rise and Fall…” blog you will see that many are pretty hard on all the Elders – they have basically voted to remove themselves from nearly any responsibility for church governance, they are essentially Deacons at this point. The 5 Executive Elders have an effective lock on church governance. There has been no argument or position taken by any commentor or from the Church otherwise. The question about the concentration of power has been asked but again no answers are forthcoming…

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