Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church: Member Abuse On Parade #1

This first clip, found HERE ; displays one of the areas where Mark Driscoll is especially strong: using displays of so-called humility to further his agenda from the pulpit. Was Mark truly repentant for his pride when this was delivered? It is possible – unlike the Mars Hill Elders, PH does not have the gift of “immaculate perception” (Immaculate Perception: The opinion that the way the one sees things is obviously the way God sees things.) Still, ReallySad1 makes some excellent points in the “about this video” section of the clip:

Mark Driscoll got accolades for his statement regarding his lack of humility.
But if you listen carefully, this set up the church to hear that in fact his followers, especially those that were questioning the recent firings of two beloved pastors, should be ignored because of their lack of humility.

He is saying “I have not been humble, I am proud. Therefore because I have been proud many of you members are also proud. So we will not listen to you and your concerns, even if valid, because of your pride. I repent of my pride and will now teach you to be humble.” In fact, he talks about how the church will humble you or exalt you. In fact that is not the church’s role at all.

This sermon set up members to hear: You are saying good things, your concerns may be valid, BUT!!! You are not humble therefore what you say will disregarded.

This may be the height of arrogance. Mark Driscoll (as Pastor) can just deem you to be proud. He can therefore disregard what you say. What arrogance!

True humility assumes the best of your brother. Mark Driscoll and his elders have disregarded the concerns and council of many members by accusing of them not having a humble spirit. Sadly, this is in the context of preaching from a text in which we see Jesus taking on the form a servant and demonstrating the humility that pastors ought to have.


5 Responses to Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church: Member Abuse On Parade #1

  1. anonymous says:

    “True humility assumes the best of your brother” – you are not assuming the best of your brother, Mark. You are only degrading him and nit-picking at his words. He loves the Lord and loves his people, do not mock your brother!

  2. Anonymous says:

    why are none of you assuming the best of your “brother” mark driscoll? It’s a shame that leaders are being degraded by you who have benefited from his leadership. True Humility does not talk behind someones back about there problems but rather says what is needed to help sharpen. I think mark has done that but some people do not have enough humility to learn.

  3. Dee says:


    You are drinking the koolaid if you believe that legitimate criticism is “mocking.” Brother Mark calls attention to himself. “Look at me to learn the truth.” But, when some look at him, they see something other than he wants you to see.

    So, accept that the world is watching and will not necessarily see what you want them to see.

  4. Anonymous says:

    My “brothers in .Christ” do not focus on gender and sex all the time

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