Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Elders: In “Major” or “Minor” Sin?

Wow…in less than 2 minutes, this video says more about the injustices instigated by and under Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church than PH could write in 2 pages! Video: Major vs Minor Sins

The topic question can be read one of two ways: Are these guys in sin – OR – is the sin that they are in Major or Minor. PH will let you choose how to read it.

PH raises two follow-up questions, regardless of your read on the topic question.

  1. Are the men who participated in the firings and trial qualified to be elders? And,
  2. Are a) knowing and active disobedience of biblical principles, followed by b) false representations perpetrated to cover up the disobedience MAJOR or MINOR sins, by Driscoll’s definitions?

10 Responses to Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Elders: In “Major” or “Minor” Sin?

  1. says:

    I’m assuming that the purpose of submitting this video is to show that Mark is guilty of the very things that he is teaching against. What I am left with is the last statement that the individual dubbed in which is quoting Mark by saying, “committed adultery; Fired! This was said three times in a row at the very end. Is the author of the video saying that Mark, besides him mistreating the two pastors has also committed adultery or am I reading too much into that? I have gathered that there are things that some people know about Mark that are not coming out yet and have wondered if adultery is one of them. I really hope not as I have heard Mark say numerous times that he has NEVER been unfaithful to his wife. If this person is implying that Mark has been messing around he better have proof. If not, then I would strongly encourage PH to immediately remove these kind of videos and/or statements by others who would make those kinds accusations (such adultery) without being able to prove it.

  2. Stan says:

    dfndr –

    Yes, you’re reading too much into that part of the clip – the accusation of ery BY MARK in the clip is an EXAMPLE of a “firing” offense – disqualifying sin – other minor sins would be dealt with by a rebuke – but not disqualifying and firing.

    The point of the clip is that these two pastors were FIRED – indicating that they were guilty of a MAJOR sin. Mark’s example is ery – so what is the Church led to believe are the MAJOR sin(s) of the two FIRED pastors?

    Mark talks in the clip about false accusations and the damage those can do to a ministry. PH’s point is that Mark and the Elders have imputed MAJOR sins (like ery) on the part of the two FIRED pastors. What was (were) the major sin(s)? An “unhealthy distrust” (begs a definition of how much distrust – discernment is unhealthy) in one matter? A board member talking to the Church’s attorney that he has a legal right and perhaps a fiduciary obligation to do? Asking the advice of one mature member and brother in Christ – and later apologising? All that is pretty small beer and doesn’t rise to “major” sin. Further, Pastor Bent was maintained as an Elder, so those major sin accusations were false – what judgment was made on the false accusers (who were fellow elders – is that not “unhealthy distrust”)?

    PH’s question is – are the Elders (including Mark) subject to the scripture as articulated by Mark or not?

  3. prayingheart says:

    mmm…appreciate the comment dfndr. PH believes that you are reading WAY too much into that part. Lest there be any question, however: PH is unaware of ANY accusations, credible or not, that have been brought against Mark regarding his purity in this area. Repeat: PH has awareness of NONE.

  4. hhc says:

    Hi, i noticed on the video, Mark did not use the terms “major sins ‘ or ‘minor sins’. Is it fair to impose that on him? The danger is when you keep repeating these phrases, finally it is forgotten that he did not say them. This is how rumors or gossips start. taking what was said and then given a twist or imputed meaning

  5. Stan says:


    I don’t think the nomenclature is the point – major sin v. “firing offense” – what it is called is of little importance. The point is that Mark made a distinction of greater and lesser offenses and how they should be dealt with and what ought the classification of false accusations against an elder be. Additionally how ought godly leadership deal with it’s own false accusations and what it says about their qualifications.

    You read this closely and chose to ignore the important issues and focus on a trivial aspect in order to warn about the dangers of rumor and gossip – why? You seem to be doing a bit of twisting and imputing on your own. None the less it’s good to hear a word of warning sent by a caring brother.

    Now, what do you think about the important issues?

  6. J. R. Miller says:

    if this, then, is a charge against your Elders… should you not take this to them directly?

    On what basis is this taken to the court of public opinion?

    No judgement in my questions, I just want to understand your actions.

  7. Rich K says:

    The terminology seems to be the hang up here. If he would have stated that “Pastor X was dismissed for sin that disqualified him for eldership” I’m sure people would get a handle on that, especially if chapter and verse is juxtaposed with the charge.

  8. Dani Miskell says:

    Hey! For all you Driscoll fans, here’s a fun podcast that’s a parody of him: Introducing, Mark Friscoll!

  9. MRWBBIII says:


  10. Displayschutz…

    Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Elders: In “Major” or “Minor” Sin? « Seeking Justice & Reconciliation at Mars Hill Church…

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