The Great Chair ‘O Great Authority

A great post about authoritarian and/or narcissitic narsistist narcissistic leadership can be found in Bill Kinnon’s blog HERE.  (Grandma, how do you spell “narcissistic”?  “Badly, dear, badly.”)  Unsurprisingly, the post uses many of the events documented in the January NYT  article as examples.

A “sad but true” snippet:

“One of the positions people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder – extreme narcissists – are attracted to is church leadership. It is one of the best places to practice irrational authority unchallenged – as these leaders convince you they are on a mission from God.”



3 Responses to The Great Chair ‘O Great Authority

  1. SC says:

    I use to go to Mars Hill but left as it grew very large and expanded to multiple sights Mark’s face seemed to become too central to Mars Hill – this is my own problem, and other Mars Hillers might not deal with it.

    I can’t figure out though the purpose of your blog? Is its intent simply to criticize Mark and Mars Hill. They, if they were wrong with the abuse of the pastors, will be judged by Christ, but as of now seem confident that they are in no way wrong.

    Just as some Christians might think it is a sin to drink alcohol, but some don’t, the one who doesn’t shouldn’t condemn him who does, and in the same way Mark and the church obviously feel they weren’t in the wrong. If you feel they were wrong you don’t need to be part of them for your own convictions but you should leave the judging of these people up to God.

    Is this blog for Jesus, or is it about finding fault with man (a man).

  2. Emily says:

    A person’s words and actions reflect solely upon themselves, though whom they represent may receive the same perception from anyone who doesn’t know any better. That’s one of the reasons it’s so very important to know the Bible and test everything by the indwelling Holy Spirit. And why it’s incredibly important to be daily filled with the Holy Spirit.

    I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. In case you’re curious.

    Honestly, all of this seems like all of the political mudslinging that goes on. People reacting to things they only know the half of and mislabeling responsibility. Let the Holy Spirit do the convicting and God the judging.

    If you’re one of the two wronged parties, why don’t you simply say so and tell your story in a factual, logical manner? If you are one of the wronged parties wives, you do not do your spouse a service.

  3. Biki says:

    Granted I didn’t read everything in this blog.. but I have one interesting question. I never read you mention to pray for whatever you feel like is the problem. Pray for the leaders, pray for the Holy Spirit to transform the situation, a call pray with others for unity. Cause honestly, whatever you think is right and should be done is dirty rags to Jesus.. and unless you submit it to Jesus, then it will always be pointless dirty rags. This situation takes the Holy Spirit to transform people’s hearts.. and the hardest thing about it is waiting in the Lord for it. And waiting for it is not the same as complaining about it. So I hope that you will turn to prayer and make a call for prayer among believers to submit this this Christ. And through prayer, thats when real truth and real change will happen.. Right now, it just looks like you gave up on prayer – which is the same as giving up on what Jesus’s soverignty over all things.

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