Fired Mars Hill Church Pastor Releases History

March 26, 2012

This moving account serves as a memorial to the ruthless, cruel, and misleading words and actions of Mark Driscoll and the elders of Mars Hill Church in 2007-2008. Not to correct these sins is to continue in them. May those responsible weep in repentance and seek forgiveness from those who were wronged.

The Petry’s speak at last.


A Reprise…

January 3, 2010

Bill Kinnon penned a poignant re-write of Jay Rosen’s piece “The People Formerly Known as The Audience.” PH cannot read the following piece without tears; of sorrow…and of joy.

Let me introduce you to The People formerly known as The Congregation. There are millions of us.

We are people – flesh and blood – image bearers of the Creator – eikons, if you will. We are not numbers… Read the rest of this entry »

The Great Chair ‘O Great Authority

November 4, 2009

A great post about authoritarian and/or narcissitic narsistist narcissistic leadership can be found in Bill Kinnon’s blog HERE.  (Grandma, how do you spell “narcissistic”?  “Badly, dear, badly.”)  Unsurprisingly, the post uses many of the events documented in the January NYT  article as examples.

A “sad but true” snippet:

“One of the positions people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder – extreme narcissists – are attracted to is church leadership. It is one of the best places to practice irrational authority unchallenged – as these leaders convince you they are on a mission from God.”


New York Times Article on Mars Hill Church / Mark Driscoll

January 13, 2009

Hats off to Molly Worthen for writing an amazingly even-handed article about Mars Hill Church and the various themes and memes that run through it.   The article “Who Would Jesus Smack Down?” appeared in The New York Times “Magazine” section on Sunday, January 12, 2009.  MH/Driscoll admirers will consider the article very complimentary.  Detractors will find the article to give clear voice to the aspects that grieve them most.

One quote in particular broke PH’s heart:   “At one suburban campus that I visited, a huge yellow cross dominated center stage — until the projection screen unfurled and Driscoll’s face blocked the cross from view.”

Driscoll’s face blocked the cross from view.  In a nutshell: the very reason so many faithful, active, and involved members have departed the hip halls of MHC.

Click HERE to read the full article in the NYT.

Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Elders: In “Major” or “Minor” Sin?

February 28, 2008

Wow…in less than 2 minutes, this video says more about the injustices instigated by and under Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church than PH could write in 2 pages! Video: Major vs Minor Sins

The topic question can be read one of two ways: Are these guys in sin – OR – is the sin that they are in Major or Minor. PH will let you choose how to read it.

PH raises two follow-up questions, regardless of your read on the topic question.

  1. Are the men who participated in the firings and trial qualified to be elders? And,
  2. Are a) knowing and active disobedience of biblical principles, followed by b) false representations perpetrated to cover up the disobedience MAJOR or MINOR sins, by Driscoll’s definitions?

Mark Driscoll and the Mars Hill Company: Master Architects of Arbitrariness

February 13, 2008

In the new Mars Hill Church Bylaws, Mark Driscoll and the elders approved a section on church discipline. It is a magnificent example of the Art of Arbitrariness. PH is sparing the reader all of the boring bylaw detail, and has included only the silliest parts for your reading pleasure. Read the rest of this entry »

Messenger versus the Message

January 22, 2008

There are many who will not care for the medium or the manner in which this message is being communicated. That is fine; intelligent and well meaning hearts can disagree.

It is very important, however, to remember that the truth is not made a lie simply because you do not like the messenger. Credible charges made by credible witnesses (such as Mars Hill’s own documents and videos) must be investigated.