Why Permit Anonymous Postings?

So what about this anonymous posting stuff? PH believes that anonymous posts & comments by professing believers are not inherently sinful. In fact, there are times when they are very appropriate.

An individual that Prayingheart (PH) believes to be a man desiring to be godly sent in a terse email. In the email, this writer was called “cowardly and sinful”, and it was implied that this writer is a “lurky wolf”. Genuinely curious, PH sent back an email asking simply “curious as to what makes it sinful?” Since this man is one tasked with caring for and about PH’s immortal soul, PH was very disappointed when no response was received.

Anonymity protects those who want to avoid death by character assassination. Mars Hill, especially Mark Driscoll, have, as they say, the “bully pulpit.” In the past, those that have angered Mark Driscoll or Mars Hill elders have been publicly mocked and ridiculed by certain of these members. Look at Paul Petry…unsubstantiated charges, kangaroo trial, and then retroactively put under church discipline two months after Mars Hill accepted his resignation. Those of us who want to protect our families (and ourselves) families will post anonymously. Additionally, PH wants to keep the attention on the message, NOT the messenger. PH has no desire for this to become a “this person versus Mark” or “this person versus Elder X”. Please, judge the message for content and credibility, whether you like the messenger or not.


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